Add an office area in your house

The office space at home has become part of the usual distribution that must be taken into account when designing, you must learn to make the most of the available meters and get them a good performance.

For this we will see some tips that can help us when designing a small office but where we have everything necessary at hand:

-Choose light colors and very bright that help you give a greater sense of spaciousness.

-The ceiling if we paint it white or the same color as the rest of the walls we will gain meters (visual, of course).

-Not heavy curtains, bet on the clearest and transparent and give the maximum possible prominence to your windows.

-Use different types of lights: ceiling, standing and some auxiliary on the desk.

-The minimum possible furniture, not heavy, or with too dark tones.

-A modern and comfortable table for the computer, it’s going very well, it’s not so big.

-A chair will be enough to not saturate the space.

Another suggestion? You can leave it in the comments. We want to read you.