Where to place an individual armchair?

There are different spaces in which it would be appropriate to place a chair or armchair. The seats fit very well in a main room, reading area, TV area and even in offices inside the house. Sometimes it is hard for us to decide where to put them and what to choose.

Here are some recommendations to clear your doubts:

-Choose a chair with personality, comfortable, cozy and stylish.

-Located in a corner of the bedroom is a classic, if you have a large one.

Sometimes it is more appropriate to place two small armchairs in a main room than a large sofa.

The size that is not disproportionate to the rest of the furniture and space.

Regarding the upholstery, we recommend that you decide for a neutral tone. You can change carpets, paintings and accessories and the chair will always look good. Where do you have it at home? Do you need any advice? Ask us.