Modern decoration of small houses

When it comes to decorating modern and stylish homes, size should not be an obstacle. In recent years, some of the most innovative housing designs were created by architects and interior designers who try to solve the problem of limited spaces.

Considering that several Latin Americans in the DF, Bogota or Lima, and also those individuals in Asia and Europe, are occupying a few square meters for the money they pay, young interior designers manage to devise intelligent solutions to take advantage of all the spaces, adding also to his creations, on several occasions, an ecological mentality. If you want to renovate your house or build one, there are several things you have to know to create an environment that is both practical and modern; Lamudi tells you the most important ones.

Plan the decoration properly

First, it is important to decide what will be included and what will be ignored. After several years on the mastery of the concept of «more is better», minimalism is, nowadays, the most influential aesthetic notion and that dictates that in decoration you should try to have sobriety, so, before making A modification or a move is important to take this into account to consider only those objects that will really be needed.

Use few furniture

In order to have a true modern atmosphere in the house, it is important to choose few pieces to create the illusion of a wide space. These furniture and objects have to be pieces with austere style and, also, be versatile. For example, there is multipurpose furniture, which can save a lot of space when organizing and storing belongings. Once selected the elements that will be decorated, you can include personal things to give character and personality to the environment.

Have a well-lit environment

Another important fact to consider is the lighting: natural and artificial. A small space does not have to be dark. You can install glass doors if they open onto a patio or balcony to benefit from sunlight. In the same way, artificial lights are an excellent option; In this, it is always good to avoid very elaborate chandeliers. In addition, a proper placement of the mirrors to take advantage of the reflection of natural lighting can help to illuminate dark corners.

Avoid the walls when building

If you are building your own home from scratch, you have many options. In recent times, modern architecture has been eliminating the boundary between indoor and outdoor spaces to maximize the use of sunlight, creating, at the same time, adaptable spaces that harmonize all areas. Using few walls, long corridors without obstructions and open staircases are some of the excellent ways to pretend extension of space. To give privacy to intimate rooms without using walls, you can use elements such as plants, curtains or shelves.

Source: México.